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About the Test

High school students take the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE), a standards-based test, to measure how well they have mastered specific academic skills defined by the state. Beginning in the second semester of 9th grade, high school students are given multiple opportunities to pass the AHSGE. The state's goal is for all high school students to pass the graduation exam by the end of their 12th grade year.  If a student does not pass all parts of the exan, he/she cannot participate in graduation excercises.

On the language section, students will be quizzed on grammar skills, using correct sentence structure and organizing information for writing.

For reading comprehension, students will read articles, poems, editorials, and essays and answer questions to show they understand what they read.

Approximately 75 percent of the math section will be Algebra 1 with the remaining 25 percent covering pre-geometry. The science section will be approximately 70 percent biology and 30 percent physical science.

The social studies section will focus on United States History.

Listed below are some things that a parent can do to help your child/children be prepared to take the AHSGE:

    *    Be sure your child/children are at school and on time
    *     Be sure your child/children get plenty of rest the night   before each test and eat a good breakfast on testing days
    *     If your child/children have part- or full-time jobs, have them arrange to get off work by 5 p.m.. during the week the test is given
    *     Remind your child/children about the importance of this test
    *     Remind your child/children to work every problem and check their answers carefully. The creators of the tests know where common errors are made. The questions are multiply choice, and incorrect answers may look just as appealing as correct answers. Carelessly   choosing the answers that “look right” could be disastrous.
    *     Remind your child/children that the answer documents and computerized scanners are highly sensitive to stray pencil marks. If they change their mind about an answer, it is imperative they erase completely the incorrect marks. This is a time when perfection counts.
    *     Prepare your child/children for the fact the tests are long and difficult. A surprising number of previous reading test failures are the result of students getting tired of reading passages and just quitting.
    *     Help your child/children come to the test with a positive attitude. Make them aware that there may be items on the tests they may not know the answers. This makes it more  important that hey work diligently on items they do know.
    *     Explain to your child/children that good guessing skills can improve their scores. Students  should not simply guess “C” when they don’t know an answer, nor should they leave it blank. They should look at all four answers and identify the ones that are definitely wrong. Narrowing the possible answers this way improves their odds of choosing correctly.
    *     Remind your child/children not to rush. The tests are not timed, and students can take as long as they need. (Note: this does not mean students will be allowed to sleep or take breaks during the test.) Many will feel pressured to finish if they see others closing their booklets. Help your child/children understand early finishers may just be quitters. Because their high school diploma is riding on these tests, it is important they take the time they need to answer the questions.

To print out a mock test, click on the link below.

Sample Exit Exam