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About Our School
About Our School
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This page will provide a brief overview of our school and our general philosophy toward education.

There are several topics that could be discussed on this page of our web site. We may provide the history of the school and discuss how we have developed into one of the leading educational institutions. Another area of interest is our philosophy and mission for the education of children.

Our Staff

We have an experienced and dedicated group of teachers and administrators. Each teacher strives to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere to encourage students to participate. We may introduce a teacher on this page, or have a teacher of the month feature like the one below.


Parent Reviews
No rating given (September 2004)
"I am a 1995 graduate of Jackson-Olin High school and I can say that Jackson-Olin has had its share of great teachers....and bad, but overall it is a great school. I am glad that they will be receiving an overdue new facility. A big ups to a very supportive Alumni.....especially Mr. Joe Black."

(September 2003)
"This school has come a long way since I was a student here. The teaching staff has been very effective with my son. "

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